Tape in Hair is our permanent method of choice , not only is it part of the latest trends, but also the least damaging of all the bonding techniques. It feels and looks more natural, it is very comfortable to wear and fitting is easy.

Our tape ins come in a full head of 40 tapes per colour, and are available in 3 lengths 45cm, 50cm and 55cm.

Most hair extensions are treated with heavy chemicals during processing , and cuticles are removed to “avoid tangling” but the short coming is obvious , the hair structure becomes seriously damaged, so the hair starts breaking, and tangles.. Causing a shorter life span.

Our tape in hair goes up to 56 processes to keep the hair cuticle scale,and to ensure that the hair structure itself wont be damaged, the inside nutrition and moisture stays locked inside each strand. It is more natural and healthy. Depending on how good you take care of it.